Lens Lite

FREE Personal Computer Invetory for Windows, the world and beyond!

Look through our Lens and gain a clear and concise inventory of your personal Windows devices. Know what's running accross your devices on a single screen. Lens Lite also provides you with readiness tools for upgrading to Windows 10

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What is Lens Lite?

Lens Lite is 'lite' version of our enterprise discovery software Lens. It's your very own personal computer inventory, a small program runs on your Windows devices and saves the information to your very own personal computer inventory! We've found Lens to be very handy when it comes to finding information about a computer, and we'd like everyone to benefit from our software

What's included?

  • Your very own personal computer inventory
  • Software to scan Windows computers & tablets
  • Windows 10 readiness tool
  • FREE membership to use Lens Lite
  • FREE automatic updates
  • FREE Support & Assistance

Personal Computer Inventory

Store information about your Windows devices such as:

  • Hardware Information
  • Computer Information & Configuration
  • System & BIOS Information
  • User Accounts
  • Installed Applications & Updates
  • Mapped Drives
  • Printers
  • Ports

iconGet Lens Lite for free

Are you ready for Windows 10?

We've built some light weight Windows 10 readiness tools and integrated them into Lens Lite

Every time you scan a new Windows, Lens Lite automatically assess the device to see if it's eligble for an upgrade to Windows 10

It's as easy as 1, 2, 3...

We're keeping things simple, three easy steps and you're up and running - Why not try Lens Lite today for free?

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