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Management Team

Hutton Henry

Hutton's first experience with M&A IT was whilst working for Ford when they acquired Jaguar in the UK. Soon after he worked on a major IT global transformation - the result of HP acquiring Compaq. Both projects highlighted the challenge of integrating systems while at the same time collaborating with IT staff who are adjusting to major changes and have more challenges ahead of them. Recently, Hutton has helped customers deliver M&A IT projects in Retail, Construction and the Financial Services industries.


Dave Refault

From helpdesk to senior infrastructure management within aviation, finance and retail corporations, Dave has over 20 years’ experience of working in IT. He continually looks for ways to improve service and technologies with the aim of benefiting business consumers. He believes IT should be straightforward, easy to understand and affordable.


Values: Office 365 and Windows 7 Consulting

Our values and approach to business

Every day we do our best to put our core values into action through our work and relationships with customers, business partners, industry community and one another.

Our customers are our best ambassadors and marketers. Simply put, without trust, we do not have a business.

Whether it's a board presentation by day or a hackathon by night, we encourage excellence from ourselves and we support the excellence of others.

We approach every scenario and problem with a drive to succeed, aiming to help others develop as we progress.

A collaborative approach benefits all and helps maintain our work/life balance.

Clarity gives us insight, and insight provides direction

The Process

Our software allows you to apply a standard approach to your migration projects. Which in turn provides a consistent approach for projects and your end-users.

Why choose us?

No matter the technology, migration projects have not changed. They are complex and lengthy, needing a high degree of planning.

With a pedigree of both "on-premise" and, more recently, cloud solutions we develop software to help deliver transformation projects.

We update our migration software based on the feedback from our in-the-field experience.

Typical Project Mix
  • Project Management 20%
  • Design and Analysis30%
  • Remediation 20%
  • Migration20%
  • Management 10%

Microsoft Partner based in London

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