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Project Plans

Automated Inventory

  • Perpetual inventory
  • Single view of Infrastructure
  • Always up-to-date
  • Multiple project usage
  • On-premise and cloud

Identify risk

  • Identify services running on unsupported operating systems
  • Identify users using unsupported operating systems
  • Highlight old hardware

Identify cost savings

  • Track hardware and software costs
  • Single “high-level” view of Microsoft Products
  • Highlight old hardware that may be redundant / out of date

Planning Tools

  • Planning integrated with inventory
  • Per user / department scheduling
  • User communication
  • Pre and Post Migration Checks

Windows 10 Migration

  • Windows Build management
  • Department based migration
  • Remediation management
  • Windows specific tools

Office 365 Migration

  • Hybrid migration management
  • Department based migration
  • Remediation management
  • Office 365 specific tools


  • Discovery – prior to contract negotiation
  • Understand estate
  • Track size of estate
  • Estimate costs
  • Track migration projects


  • Understand estate
  • Inventory for contract negotiation
  • Track size of estate
  • Track growth of estate
  • Track migration projects

Achieve ROI

Initial project planning assumes decomission is always achieved. A full, sharable inventory allows management to ensure decomission has occurred and the realisation of ROI.

Non-migrated machines

During Windows OS deployments projects some machines may miss the upgrade process. An automated inventory ensures these machines are identified long after the project wraps up. Allowing the team to complete the migration.

Service rationalisation

Identify orphaned servers or services that can be consolidated in order to reduce server hardware maintenance and running costs.

Shared view

All memebers of the infrastrcuture change team share the same information allowing all parties visiblity of the current infrastructure.


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